Print Reading

Print Reading

Print Reading

Programs offered:

  • C018 Blueprint Reading
  • Blueprint Reading & MasterCam 2D

Basic Blueprint Reading & Sketching for Machinist is a 5-lesson course designed to instruct students how to read an engineering Blueprint. SolidWorks (CAD) software will be used to both illustrate and reinforce the student’s blueprint reading skills.

Lesson 1: Students will learn how to identify different line types and how to read One, Two and Three view drawings. In addition, students will learn the Solidworks user interface and the basic functionality of SolidWorks.

Lesson 2: Tolerances and Dimensioning are the main focus of this lesson. Students will be taught different styles of Tolerances and Dimensions and how they are used.

Lesson 3: Introduction to Section Views and part features such as countersink, counterbore, groove and slots.

Lesson 4: In this lesson we’ll be discussing fasteners, screw threads with an introduction to assemblies. We’ll discuss the different types of threads and their designations


Lesson 5: Students will be introduced to Basic GD & T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing). In addition, we’ll show the students how to create dimensions in SolidWorks.

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