CNC Lathe Setup

CNC Lathe Setup

CNC Lathe Setup

Programs offered:

  • C023 Advanced 2 Axis Lathe for General Machine Shop

The following classes are essential for an all-around knowledge of CNC Setup/Operation

Machine Startup & Initial Setup

  • Turning on machine and warming up properly
  • Handle Jog use
  • Tool Changing
  • Explanation of Tool Types & Applications
  • Turning off machine safely

2- Setup

  • Tool Offsets
  • Work Offsets
  • Tramming Tools and Checking Runout of Chuck
  • Tram in fixtures, hole, and rework pieces to run true
  • Cutting Jaws and making a fixture for work piece
  • How and when to use a center on a lathe

3- Hands-on/ Setup & Operate Programs

  • Setup & Run Programs
  • Read Setup Sheets
  • Collect Tooling
  • Making Diameter “Wear” adjustments
  • Prove out Operations
  • Repeat for subsequent Ops