Inspection Program
Programs offered:

·         Introduction to Inspection Practices

·         C029 Apprentice Inspection

Inspection is an entry level certificate program for students who want to learn how to measure machined parts using a Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and much more.

Inspection & Measurement:        

·         Perform measuring and inspection

·         Measure workpiece with Micrometers

·         Measure workpiece with Depth Micrometer

·         Measure workpiece with Vernier Calipers

·         Measure workpiece with Gage Pins

·         Measure workpiece with Radius Gage

·         Check Concentricity, Run-out, and Flatness

Reading Blueprints & Sketches:       

·         Read and interpret basic blueprints

·         Introduction to GD&T

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM):       

·         Intro to CMM (Manual Operation)

·         Intro to PC-DMIS Programming

Introduction to GD&T