Programs offered:

  • C032 GD & T

Participants will learn the importance of the GD&T system, proper identification and call out of datum features, and the effect of modifiers such as MMC and LMC. Attendees will also learn how GD&T saves money over traditional tolerances and how to interpret and apply each of the 14 symbols.

Unit 1:  Introduction to symbols and Terms

Unit 2: Limits of Size

Unit 3: How the Geometric System Works

Unit 4: Position Verification

Unit 5: Product Plans and Virtual Condition

Unit 6: The Datum Reference Frame

Unit 7: Datum Feature Modifiers

Unit8: The Datum Reference Frame II: Targets and Irregular Surfaces

Unit 9: The Datum Reference Frame III: Advanced Concepts

Unit 10: Form Tolerances

Unit 11: Orientation Tolerances

Unit 12: Profile Tolerances

Unit 13: Position Tolerances

Unit 14: Coaxial Tolerances

Unit 15: Fastener Formulas and Screw Threads

Unit16: Boundaries


Unit 17: Application Exercises