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Summer Camp



This two week introductory robotics course for students entering grades 7-10.  Students will be introduced to Newtonian physics, material science, computer-aided design (CAD), programming, and electronic circuits. This course is project based, as students will work hands-on with Lego Mindstorm projects and build sumo-robots to apply the concepts learned in the course.


The core-curriculum is taught using CAD (Computer Aided Design), Programming and Robotic kits. Each day various activities are offered, including robot competitions.
Lego Mindstorm NXT
Sumo-robot Competitions
Egg-crash Vehicle
Salt-water Fuel Cell
Electronic Soldering
Google SketchUp CAD
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Sports and Activities



These are modular, customizable, and programmable kits that are extremely versatile in teaching engineering concepts. Students will have an opportunity to work with these kits every day. Possible projects include making a functional printer, a miniature Segway, line-follower, Rubik’s Cube solver and more.


Sumo-robots are fighting robots. For each match, two robots try to push each other out of a circle. The robot that stays in the circle wins. Campers will build their robots from scratch, utilizing the knowledge they have gained from camp. Competitions will be held each week. At the end of each session, you can take home your own sumo-robot.


Camp will introduce many new skills, including fabrication, design, programming, and teamwork. We intend for camper’s to pursue these skills after camp by giving the confidence and motivation necessary to do so.


2012 Summer Robotic Camp Report 

 Below is a like to the 2012 Summer Robotic Camp Report which was prepared by our lead instructor. Summer Robotic Camp Report


To register for an up coming camp please print and fill out the three forms below and fax to 781-935-3904 or email them to

Session 1: June 18-29, 2012  
Session 2: July 2-13, 2012
Session 3: July 16-27, 2012
Session 4: July 30-Aug 10, 2012
Session 5: Aug 13-24, 2012 

Camp hours are from 8:00am to 2:00pm

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