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The Center for Manufacturing Technology (CMT) is a full service Machine Shop training facility, founded in 2008 in response to an unprecedented demand for qualified personnel in the precision manufacturing industry. CMT proposes to address the manufacturing skills gap in eastern Massachusetts by partnering with Career Centers to target veterans and recruit two cohorts of unemployed and underemployed workers for Introduction to General Machine Shop Practices. Workforce and employer partnerships developed for this initiative will provide job placement services for program graduates. Top support EED objectives for employer engagement and incumbent worker training, CMT will also offer two classes of Manufacturing Best Practices for Success for Boston Tolling & Machining Association (BTMA) members, for employer partners, and for additional precision manufacturers in the region.

Direct Access

The Direct Access Program addresses smaller-scale training needs by making training slots available free of charge to businesses that are eligible for the Workforce Training Fund.

Businesses should consider the pilot program when:

  • The scope and scale or training needs are smaller than what would be proposed in a General Program application
  • Training needs cannot be easily met by a consortium or Express Program grant.

Training programs have been funded across Massachusetts to train employees in such topics
as process improvement, computer skills, supervisory skills, and more. To learn about training
opportunities, view the list of Direct Access Training Providers.

Active Grants


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